FOREVER or death is just a waste of time

“FOREVER or death is just a waste of time” is Nick Langat’s second book. It is an art photo book with poetry, made in memory of Thaworn Phrarach. The photos were taken by Nick during his journeys with Thaworn and the poetry was written after Thaworn left his body at the age of 30, but never left Nick. “FOREVER” is a monument of love and friendship that is bitter sweet. The relationship between Nick and Thaworn was torn apart when the latter passed away but “FOREVER” is not just a sad look back on the time they had together but also a hopeful and bright look forward to whenever and wherever they will meet again.

Thi rak,
wait for me at the corner of love
where the heart bends
and show us the way to heaven.
I want to be there with you,
and I’ll wait for you at this corner,
I’ll wait for you at this corner
until you call me home.

“FOREVER” entails 58 photos and poetry on 80 pages and is available in bookstores for 450 Baht.